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The Making of a Leader – Director of Membership, Recruitment & Retention

Beverly Lorig

Why are you in a leadership position with EACE?

lorig_bevI’m in a leadership position as a way to contribute to the profession beyond my immediate circle of colleagues.  EACE has been my “go to” resource for tracking emerging trends and trusted advice for challenging situations.


How have you benefitted from being in a leadership position at EACE?

I have gained a wide network of employer and college colleagues.  I’ve participated in strategic planning, budgeting, reviewed external proposals and experience in building committee engagement.


Why do you volunteer your time and talent to be in a leadership position?


Get outside of your familiar circle of colleagues so you can build the skills you need to be successful.  You can benchmark your programs against some of the top leaders in college recruiting, social media and higher education.  Volunteer to grow!


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