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The Impact of Pi

The Impact of Pi

EACE Blog contribution by Wenylla Reid, Associate Director for Employer Development, University Career Services at Rutgers University 

piMarch 14 is International Pi Day. According to   “Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.” wrote that Larry Shaw at San Francisco Exploratorium began the tradition in 1988. Since then Pi Day has been observed throughout the world as a way to celebrate the love of math.

March 14 is also my birthday and Albert Einstein’s too. For the past few years I’ve taken my birthday off from work to enjoy a spa day filled with facials, manicures, pedicures and massages. March 14, 2014 was no different and I decided to take that day off from work as well. While I was having my birthday lunch, after my massage and facial and just before my manicure and pedicure, I received several texts from my team members thanking me for the delicious pizza. I was confused by this message and immediately reached out to my manager to ask her if she ordered pizza for the office.

About 30 minutes later, she returned my text with a phone call stating that the entire staff spent lunch time eating two pizza pies that were delivered to the office. The pizza delivery arrived with my name attached to the order.   As a relatively new hire to our unit, my colleagues praised me for my wonderful gesture of sending pizza pies to the office even though I was scheduled to take the day off.   My manager told me our team laughed and joked about this new tradition I started. After the surprise pizza party in honor of my birthday she returned to her office and read her email to find the following note from Google:

Hi Janet, Wenylla, & Staff:

In celebration of 3.14 Pie Day and our great working relationship this past year, we’re treating you and your staff to lunch!  Pizza pies will be delivered to the career center around 12:00PM today! We’re looking forward to continuing to work with you and your team in the future!

Enjoy your Friday, pizza, and upcoming Spring Break!  

Happy Pie Day!

After reading the email further laughter ensued as she shared the details of the note with our staff.

The surprise pizza pies were a great token of appreciation from Google. I am sure that the recruiting team was unaware that the celebration of Pi Day corresponded with my birthday, yet I was reminded by this kind but simple act that the creative, thoughtful out of the box actions such as these is what makes Google, Google.

I was inspired by Google to consider the impact of small and creative gestures. Why not do things a little differently going forward? How can we use our limited resources to make a great positive and lasting impression? Imagine if I had sent the pizza pies, the thought alone is impressive.

reid-wenyllaWenylla Reid currently serves as the Associate Director for Employer Development with University Career Services at Rutgers, the State University of NJ. In this role she has an integral part in the development and maintenance of employer outreach operations.   Prior to joining University Career services she established the Office of Career Management for Rutgers Business School Undergraduate New Brunswick (RBS).   During her tenure with RBS she grew the department from one full time hire to include four full-time associates. She also developed and oversaw exclusive programs and a range of career management services for over 2,000 students enrolled in six majors.

In addition she managed the Women’s Business Leadership Initiative (WBLI); a program designed to provide RBS female students with structured opportunities to examine the impact of gender on leadership while encouraging each participant to refine and develop their unique leadership style. She also established the first official Rutgers Business School Mentor Program on the Newark and New Brunswick campuses. Prior to her work at the business school Ms. Reid spent time working in university relations and college recruiting and youth development.

Wenylla received her Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University’s Douglass College and an MS from Polytechnic University. She has also volunteered as a mentor for the National Association for Colleges and Employers, an extern host for Douglass College’s Externship Program and workshop facilitator for INROADS.

She is very passionate about career management for college students and she shares her insights on her blog called Build Brand You ( which emphasizes strategic brand development for college students, plus great tips for everyone else.

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