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Employer Relations – Leadership Can Be Your Value Proposition

Employer Relations – Leadership Can Be Your Value Proposition

EACE Blog contribution by Louis V. Gaglini, Associate Director for Employer Relations & Recruiting at the Boston College Career Center

As Employer Relations specialists we have the enjoyable responsibility of informing a vast array of companies in the marketplace about the talent exiting our campuses each year, anxious to begin their careers and set the world afire. Our information and data likely includes numbers of graduates, their majors, grade averages, distinctions, where recent alumni are working, and more. We can even compare our graduates to those of peer institutions to properly position our talent in the marketplace.

We may, however, be addressing only one-half the equation by focusing solely upon soon-to-be and recent graduates ready for employment. Employer Relations professionals should also consider the demands of the marketplace and the particular needs of specific industry sectors and employers. Meeting active and potential employers at that critical juncture creates a natural connection between organizational supply and demand.

Have you noticed the recent increase in entry-level career development programs often known as “Leadership Development Programs”? Be careful not to dismiss the term “leadership”. Organizations have figured out that there is an increasing need for strong organizational leadership and that there are truly no shortcuts to achieving success. We can also see the growth of multiple tracks and pathways into leadership roles, internal gap analyses to identify and possibly accelerate leadership trajectories when and where necessary, and the development of cultures that are fertile ground for leaders of all types and from all generations… even the Millennials!

A recent study published by Deloitte, “Leaders at all levels: Close the gap between hype and readiness”, reminds us that “leadership remains the top human capital concern – and the largest readiness gap” and that there is an ongoing need to develop new leaders faster, globalize leadership programs, and build deeper bench strength. According to the study, “companies face an urgent need to develop leaders at all levels – from bringing younger leaders online faster to developing leaders globally to keeping senior leaders relevant and engaged longer.”

Getting back to the idea of our value proposition – Rapid growth for organizations today means leadership at all levels; and most organizations rate themselves as “weak” in their ability to develop leaders and have little or no confidence in their existing succession programs. By speaking to those urgencies through the talent our campuses produce each year, we can meet the demands of the marketplace head-on and create even greater value in our talented graduates as they begin their careers.

The Deloitte study goes on to confirm what many of us have been discussing recently – that foundational and new leadership skills are in high demand, including: business acumen, collaboration, global cultural agility, creativity, customer-centricity, influence & inspiration, and building teams & talent.

So, on behalf of your soon-to-be graduates and recent alumni, build your value proposition by addressing the leadership pipeline in the marketplace. Employers are waiting!


“Leaders at all levels: Close the gap between hype and readiness” – Leaders at All Levels

Lou Gaglini

Lou Gaglini

Louis Gaglini is the Associate Director of Employer Relations at the Boston College Career Center.  Lou has over 20 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition, placement, staffing and employment with proven expertise in strategy, design, and delivery of programs of all sizes. He is court qualified Vocational Expert in Employability & Hireability.

Lou is a former Assistant Professor of Cooperative Education within Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. His corporate experience includes five years with the international professional services firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP, initially as Director of Recruiting in the Boston office and subsequently as National Manager of Campus Recruiting in its Worldwide Headquarters. He also served as a Senior Consultant and HR Manager with Polaroid, redesigning and launching new recruiting programs and other talent acquisition initiatives. Lou received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University and a Masters in Public Administration from Northeastern University.

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