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Tech Corner: My experience with Experience

My experience with Experience

EACE Blog contribution by Megan Wolleben, Assistant Director, Bucknell University’s Career Development Center

I must confess two things before I begin this post. The first is that I’ve only ever known the Experience platform and the second is that, as the person in charge of marketing and social media for the office, I may highlight some different features and elements that I find the most beneficial.

I know from using Experience, and from how my colleagues use it, that you can run all sorts of reports, easily upload class data, add advising notes, set up career fairs, create resume books and more. I’m sure that many of these elements are industry standards which is why I’m going to highlight the things I like about Experience that have been new and improved upon since I started.

1. Social Media Integration
This element pretty much speaks for itself but the amount of happiness it brought me is unquantifiable. Until this moment it was difficult to highlight jobs and internships listed in Experience because you could not include a link other than simply the login page. Now, as you can see from the image, you can share in many ways and easily get a shareable URL for public view – and hopefully pique some interest. An improvement that I’m hoping for are trackable stats on the shared URL which I haven’t been able to get as of yet.



2. Communication Tools & Email Analytics Email Stats

Despite how many times I read or hear the phrase that “email is dead,” it still provesemailstats to be the most effective way to reach students about our jobs, internships, and events. I know this because Experience allows me to track open rates and click-thrus; an improvement I was thrilled about. Now, I not only know how many students are opening and clicking on our links I also have data to back up my argument that email is still a viable mode of communication (at least in terms of career information and students).

3. Student Document

While perhaps not the most exciting of elements Experience can offer, the upgrades to the Student Document section have helped solve an issue we’ve been running into for years: handouts, and how to get them online. Our office, as I’m sure many of your offices, has many wonderful handouts students can grab when they come in. But for students that couldn’t get into the office – for whatever reason – we could not come up with a good solution of housing these documents online. Until, that is, Experience lifted the number of documents from 10 to 50 in this element. Given the ever changing nature of websites, I like being able to point students to one place for event sign ups, job/internship listings, and, now, our office handout resources.

bridgedocumentsOne downside I have run into – I wish you could export the calendar so it’s viewable without logging but as far as I know you cannot do this. You can make a gadget to put on your website but it only displays jobs and internships; a nice feature but not exactly what I was looking for.

More elements at your disposal include a Mobile App (new this school year), Surveys and a Mentor platform that we are looking into using as a sort of “career advice volunteer” list searchable for students.

Two features that we have not used that sound intriguing are the Mobile Advising and Event Check-in and Portfolio elements. Both options seem like they have a lot of potential for our office.

Bonus Feature: LinkedIn Connection
This setting allows students to connect their Experience accounts with LinkedIn by providing their LinkedIn username and password. If students do not have LinkedIn accounts, they will be given the option of creating one. By connecting their accounts with LinkedIn, students gain the benefit of pulling in their network on LinkedIn while using the features and functionality on Experience. I also feel this element helps drive home the importance of having a LinkedIn presence as a student – and maybe it will make them wonder how to set one up and come to our LinkedIn workshops (double bonus).

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben

Megan Wolleben has worked at the Bucknell University Career Development Center since 2007, where she is currently an Assistant Director. She is responsible for the marketing and communications of the office, as well as manages the department’s social media presence. She is the co-chair for EACE’s Technology Committee and a contributing writer to the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) “Tech Talk” column as well as co-author of the “Career Counselor’s Guide to Social Media”. Megan earned her B.A. and Master’s in Communication from Fordham University. Feel free to connect with Megan on LinkedIn and Twitter

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