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The Employer Partnership Pipeline: Create. Cultivate. Maintain.

The Employer Partnership Pipeline: Create. Cultivate. Maintain

EACE Blog contribution by Angelique Torres Kim, Associate Director of Employer Relations, Salem State University

In Employer Relations, we are in the business of making connections.  But we can often focus our efforts on only reaching out to new companies to engage with us to provide opportunities for our students.  Once we get our foot in the door and post that job or get that career fair registration to create a connection to our institution, how do we continue to cultivate and maintain that relationship?

Your Employer Partnership Pipeline is a quantifiable way to create, cultivate, and maintain those relationships.  Let’s take a look at each of the elements that make up the pipeline.


There are elements that would have to be defined: Partnership, Activity, and Metrics of Success.

The degree of employer partnerships, whether it be Low, Medium, or High, is defined by the number of recruiting activities the employer engages in with your institution to meet candidates for its opportunities.  Recruiting activities can consist of the following: online job postings, fair participation, on-campus interviews, guest speaking during professional development workshops, class presentations, student club presentations, student tours, case studies, and sponsorships, to name a few.  The success of a new partnership is then measured on how the relationship is cultivated and maintained across the pipeline.

For example, Salem State University currently has employer partners at different levels.  One may be a new connection for the University and has entered the pipeline as a Low Partner with an internship posting.  Another employer can also be a new connection and has entered the pipeline as a Medium Partner, since it is participating in both the Annual Career Fair and hosting Mock Interviews as a part of the Career Services Prep Week prior to the fair, two recruiting activities.  Yet another employer is a High Partner.  This company may be attending the fair, hosting on-campus interviews, acting as a guest speaker during a professional development workshop, and presenting to a class.

In looking at the pipeline, one can observe that there is room to cultivate these relationships by moving them through the pipeline.  There is an opportunity to maintain the High Partner relationship by continuing to engage with it at a high level.

The extent to which new relationships are introduced to the pipeline and others are cultivated and maintained can be evaluated on a bi-annual basis at the end of each recruiting season.  It is important to note that the direction of movement may not be linear, depending on the outcomes of activities.

Much like investing for your individual financial security and future, this pipeline offers an opportunity to diversify your services to both employers and students, therefore ensuring that connections will be made and needs will be fulfilled in the long term.

Angelique Torres

Angelique Torres

Angelique Torres Kim was a Recruiter in the University Relations space in the private sector.  She is now the Associate Director of Employer Relations with Salem State University.  Prior to joining the Salem State Team, Angelique was the Employer Outreach Specialist at Endicott College within the Career Center where she built the foundation for the Employer Outreach Initiative.  She has served on the Board of the Career Counselors Consortium, Northeast and currently serves on the Road Trips to the Real World and Professional Exchange Visits Committees through the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE).  She presented during the EACE Annual Conference in May 2013.  Angelique holds her MA in Organizational and Corporate Communication from Emerson College.

Angelique is a connector and has a passion for helping others by making connections that fulfills the needs of both students and employers.

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