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The Making of a Leader – EACE President Elect

Scott Rappaport

Program Coordinator in the Career Services Center at University of Delaware

Why are you in a leadership position with EACE?

rappaport_scottI am in leadership position with EACE because 10+ years ago I was told to get involved, so I did.  The rest is history.  I have been involved ever since and enjoyed every minute of it.


How have you benefitted from being in a leadership position at EACE?


It has given me the opportunity to get some of the professional experience that I do not get in my full time role.  This means learning about budgets and leadership, and building my skills on many levels.


Why do you volunteer your time and talent to be in a leadership position?


I am in a leadership position in EACE because it has given me the chance to give back to the profession and meet many, many amazing people through my professional networks. The people are the best part of EACE, friendships and life long connections. Get involved because it will make you a stronger professional and help you build connections that will last a lifetime.


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