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EACE Awards and Grants

EACE Awards and Grants

EACE Blog contribution by Robbin Beauchamp, Director of the Career Center, Roger Williams University

As a member of EACE, you may have taken advantage of some of the programs offered by the Association.


We hope you can answer “yes” to these questions.  And, if you did and you enjoyed them, then consider nominating the folks behind the scenes who make these events happen.  EACE is populated with people just like you who volunteer their time and talent to making our professional lives better by providing educational and networking opportunities to us and our students.  Consider nominating some of these volunteers for an award to be recognized at the Annual Conference in Annapolis in May.  The Service Awards recognize members based upon their length of membership in EACE.  If you don’t know how long someone has been a member, don’t let that stop you from submitting their name.  EACE HQ can figure it out.

Are their members who just inspire you?  Do you know of Career Centers or HR departments who are doing phenomenal work that you admire?  If so, let them know!  There are awards for Innovation in Assessment, Program Development, Diversity and Inclusion as well as Distinguished Leadership.

And what about the work you are doing?  Do you need funding to complete research or assessment that will help move our profession forward?  You can apply for up to $2,000 to help you get this done.

To be sure all of these wonderful volunteers are recognized at our Annual Conference in May 28-30, nominations need to be completed by March 1.  Please visit the nominations page and let your Association volunteers know how much you appreciate the hard work and dedication they have to our profession.

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