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Tech Corner – Create, Collaborate and Share: 5 Reasons to use Google Drive

Create, Collaborate and Share: 5 Reasons to use Google Drive

EACE Blog contribution by Zavi Gunn, Associate Director of Career Development at Brooklyn College’s Magner Career Center

1. Use Google online Form for surveys, receive results and charts immediately.

Are you waiting on the college’s department to create a survey for your Career Center or paying a vendor’s fee to design and distribute a survey? Users can input responses using texts, multiple choice, checkboxes, lists, scales, grids, dates and times. Administrators can view a summary of results to review responses and charts while surveys are in progress.

Let’s review a sample: Brooklyn College’s Internship and Job Fair Survey 

2. Design a creative event registration form for students, alumni and employers.

Do you want to send a visually appealing invitation or registration form for an event? Embed a photo or video, create a short form, and you have the option to share or email it directly to recipients.

Take a look at this invitation: School of Business Alumni & Students Networking Night 

3. Compile data from forms, create or upload spreadsheets.

As respondents complete the form, there is an option to collect the data in a spreadsheet with seamless updates. You can use the similar formulas in Microsoft Excel to track expenses, create pivots and generate reports. There is a web privacy setting. Instead of reinventing the wheel, import an Excel or CSV sheet and edit on Google Drive.

4. Collaborate easily with colleagues and students using Google Drive.

Do you want to send several emails back and forth and lose track of the most recent changes? There is no need to clutter your inbox with several versions of a document. Create a Google Document, Presentation, Spreadsheet or Form in real time and track changes. Google Drive makes it feasible for you and collaborators located anywhere to work on one document in real time. You can chat live or make comments. There is also a See Revision History which identifies who made changes with the option of restoring a previous change. Google has streamlined this process where several people can input information accurately, format and edit respective areas using one shared file. In addition, career counselors can collaboratively work with students and alumni on resume revisions.

5. Share and publish on the web.

Did you forget your flash drive at work or at a workshop room with your PowerPoint? Are you off ­campus? It’s no hassle, simply log on to your Google Drive to work on presentation and share it. Select File and Email Collaborators by inputting any email address with the choice to only view or edit. Why wait for you technology expert to publish Google Documents, Forms, Presentations, Spreadsheets and Forms online? You do not need HTML skills to publish on the web. Click File tab and Publish to the Web, you will receive a url that you can embed or copy and the option to automatically republish changes.

View Presentation that students use in a computer lab with facilitators: Finding Your Career Passion 

View Spring Career Workshop Program: Magner Career Center Workshop Schedule Spring 2014

Are you convinced you should try Google Drive in some aspect of your Career Services work?

Sign up for a Google account using your work email or gmail. Watch this video on the benefits and how to get started.

Email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn for additional advice.

Zavi Gunn

Zavi Gunn

Zavi Gunn, Associate Director of Career Development, is a student-focused career professional with extensive experience in counseling, teaching, technology integration and innovative program development. She has a master’s degree from St. John’s University. With enthusiasm, she encourages undergraduates and graduate students to pursue their career goals and dreams by implementing actionable career strategies.  Through networking events and mentoring programs, Zavi introduces and connects students with alumni to gain insight about occupations and industries. This also allows students to establish, build and maintain professional relationships.  Zavi oversees the staff for the Early Career Advisement, Professional Skills Training, Career Education and on-site Magner Ambassador Internships programs.  She serves as the Career Liaison for the Brooklyn College’s School of Visual, Media and Performing Arts to provide relevant career services and programs. She introduced the first Mobile App on campus for students and alumni to stay connected with the Magner Center’s career postings, news and tips Zavi’s professional goals are to enlighten and empower students to attain their optimal potential through self-awareness, skills development, experiential learning and professional networking. She is a member of several professional associations including NACE, EACE, MNYCPOA, NCDA and CSAC. 

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