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Your Strategic Career Development Partners in the Field

Your Strategic Career Development Partners in the Field

EACE Blog contribution by Louis V. Gaglini, Associate Director for Employer Relations & Recruiting at the Boston College Career Center

gaglini_lou_strategic_career_developmentAs Career Services professionals, one of the challenges we face each day is to seek and find the most effective and efficient delivery of the highest quality services.  Who do we care about? – Our students, our alumni, employers, and faculty – We certainly have a large and heavily invested constituency out there.  By the way, they are not necessarily our clients or our customers because we all have similar goals and our relationships flow in multiple directions.  Why not involve everyone in the solution?

Your most strategic partners in the field of career development may literally be those “in the field”.  In career services, we routinely face the challenges of limited resources, lack of student engagement, and lack of faculty involvement – all with a backdrop of a constantly changing marketplace outside the campus walls.   Meanwhile, our employers have their own sets of challenges which include a growing demand for entry-level talent, new hires unprepared for the real world, on-campus branding needs, and a desire for stronger relationships with faculty.

The needs and challenges of both sides of the equation present an opportunity to create bridges to bring all interested parties together under the common goal of career development.  With student to career professional staff ratios of nearly 1000:1 on many campuses, why not direct employers and alumni directly to the table with students through innovative partnerships, leveraging the strengths of everyone involved?   Employer-In-Residence, technical training opportunities, advisory roles, classroom presentations, and interactive connections to student organizations and government are just a few examples of how alumni and employers can play a part in the career development of young professionals.  These collaborations offer healthy perspectives from trusted sources, enable direct connections for students to potential employers, provide the exposure that hiring organizations are seeking, involve faculty and ease the pressure felt by career centers with limited resources.  A win-win-win!

Keep in mind that it is not necessarily the career services staff that must own the content and delivery – oftentimes we can serve most effectively as the medium, meeting the needs of multiple constituencies through working strategically with our partners “in the field”.

Lou Gaglini

Lou Gaglini

Louis Gaglini is the Associate Director of Employer Relations at the Boston College Career Center.  Lou has over 20 years of leadership experience in talent acquisition, placement, staffing and employment with proven expertise in strategy, design, and delivery of programs of all sizes. He is court qualified Vocational Expert in Employability & Hireability.

Lou is a former Assistant Professor of Cooperative Education within Northeastern University’s College of Business Administration. His corporate experience includes five years with the international professional services firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP, initially as Director of Recruiting in the Boston office and subsequently as National Manager of Campus Recruiting in its Worldwide Headquarters. He also served as a Senior Consultant and HR Manager with Polaroid, redesigning and launching new recruiting programs and other talent acquisition initiatives. Lou received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brandeis University and a Masters in Public Administration from Northeastern University.

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