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Where They Are Now – Deborah (Rothstein) Murman, National Basketball Players Association

Deborah (Rothstein) Murman

Director for Career Development, National Basketball Players Association

Debbie and Shaq

Debbie and Shaq

Debbie earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her graduate degree from New York University. She has been in his current role and organization for close to seven and a half years now.

What was your career path (previous roles) to get your current role? Columbia University (13 years) – Director of Alumni Career Development – Director of Career Development – Director of Recruiting – Career Counselor – Internship Coordinator Prudential Securities (2 years) – Recruiter – Administrative Coordinator

What was your first job? Camp Counselor

Why did you choose this career? I love helping people find their career passion and helping them to pursue the life they were meant to live.

What is the skill that is most important in your current role? Strong interpersonal skills.

How did you develop this skill and how do you fine-tune it regularly? Years of practice! I check back in with colleagues and clients to assess my effectiveness.

What is your biggest career accomplishment? Currently, I work with NBA players helping them to prepare for careers after basketball. I am proud to work with such elite athletes.

How many years were you a member of EACE? 11 years

Did you serve on the Board of Directors or as a Committee Chair?  Bridges Newsletter Co-Chair, Gratitude Award for service, Professional Development Committee, Professional Development Regional Coordinator, Conference Committee Entertainment Chairperson

Deborah Rothstein

Deborah Rothstein

How did EACE help you in your personal career development (e.g. new skill set)? EACE was crucial in helping me to develop as a Career Services professional. Through the workshops and conferences, I learned about resources, developed my skills and met fantastic people in the profession. I always particularly enjoyed the Best Practices sessions.

Did you have an EACE Mentor or another member of EACE serve as your unofficial mentor? Unofficial – Marianne Tramelli and Marva Gumbs. They were both wonderfully welcoming and always happy to share their experiences and knowledge.

What is your advice to current EACE members who aspire to your current or a similar role to yours? The same advice we give to clients – NETWORK! It really is who you know.

Debbie did visit her career center when she was in college.

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