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The Making of a Leader – EACE President

Jennifer Barr

Associate Director & Pre-Law Advisor at the Center for Career and Professional Advising of Haverford College

How have you benefitted from being in a leadership position at EACE?

Jennifer Barr

Jennifer Barr

EACE has provided for me an opportunity to grow as a leader, both to benefit my current position, and to give me some experiences in management and budget that I was hoping to develop. By first starting as a conference committee member, then working my way up through committee chair leadership and eventually being elected to the EACE Board, I have grown as a leader by taking my time; deliberately working through the EACE Leadership system. Along the way I have become more confident in my own leadership skills, and eager to give back to our members.

Why do you volunteer your time and talent to be in a leadership position?

There are so many reasons, including personal leadership development and fostering a strong network. One of the strongest reasons are the professional relationships that are built through volunteering, a network of friends and colleagues that naturally develops through the course of giving your time. It also feels great to give back to the association, especially because I feel like I’ve benefited from others’ volunteer efforts so much myself. I enjoy every minute of my time volunteering for EACE!

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