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EACE Conference: Let’s Talk Resolutions

Let’s Talk Resolutions

EACE Blog contribution by Dana Case, Campus Recruiting Manager – Vector Marketing & Cutco Cutlery
2014 EACE Conference

2014 EACE Conference

Fourteen days. Twenty-one days. Six weeks. Three phases. Daily recommitment. Accountability partner. Personal trainer. Cut fats. Cut carbs. More water. Less sitting. More reading. Less spending. Grow. Grow up. Best year of your LIFE.

The start of every New Year yields an explosion of buzz words to describe our resolutions.  From the minimum number of days needed to create a new habit to the personal growth conferences that ensure we will leave ready to have the best year of our lives, January is the Resolution BOOM Month for a plethora of industries.

For the 2014 Conference Committee, it is not.

Our Resolution BOOM Month took place over seven months ago at the 2013 Annual Conference in Atlantic City, and since that time, a group of volunteers has been working tirelessly to ensure that the 2014 Annual Conference in Annapolis will be one of your greatest experiences, both personally and professionally, of 2014.

Here are just a few key areas of focus for this year’s conference:

The EACE Connection: More than ever, the agenda and venue for this year’s event is conducive to valuable networking. Whatever your goal within the association, the personal conversations and idea swaps that happen at this event will be ones you can carry forward into your career for years.

Opening Keynote:  With a conference theme of Lead with the Wind in Your Sails, I can’t think of a better speaker to kick off this event. Voted Campus Speaker of the Year in 2012 and 2013, Jon Vroman’s opening message will set up the entire event as one of growth and engagement. Get ready to grow and give during this event as we apply Vroman’s basic and teachable engagement skills to the conference and beyond.

Location, location, location: If you haven’t visited Annapolis in the summertime, you’re in for a treat! The city’s trolley provides free transportation in and about a variety of hotspots, including The Westin, historical downtown, and the Naval Academy. Clam chowder vendors and live music will pleasantly engulf us as we walk the brick streets, hop through the pubs, and refine our window shopping skills.

Programming: WOW! Have we got a treat for you! This year, the EACE membership broke the proposals record in two categories: 1) quantity and 2) relevancy. We take this as a sign that EACE is in a great place. With more companies, colleges and non-profits represented than ever before, we believe that this year will yield the most dynamic concurrent session EVER!  Be on the lookout for a list of programs, coming to the EACE website February 1, 2014.

Will this year’s conference be the quintessence of life (see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty for reference)? That’s up to you.  Our volunteers have worked together to create a vision of personal growth, of philanthropy, of innovative programming, of submergence into the local area, of easy navigation of the event, and that is what we are going to get.

To register at the Early Bird rate, visit today.

Dana Case

Dana Case

Dana Case is a volunteer with EACE as co-chair for the 2014 Annual Conference, to be held in Annapolis, MD in May 2014. She has been a member of EACE since 2011 when she started her current role at Vector Marketing Corporation as the Midwest Region Campus Recruiting Manager. Dana is currently earning her graduate degree in school counseling at Liberty University. Contact her via LinkedIn.

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