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EACE Conference Takeaways by member Donna Brooks

The EACE Annual Conference, my take aways….

I have had the opportunity to be offered a new career position which is very inspiring.  I’m not content in a position unless I can learn and grow from that experience.  Having over 10 years of working in the field of Human Resources, I have transitioned into the field of Career Development at Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT.  I’ve seen many resumes in my day, produced job announcements and participated in many search committees.   So it appeared, this job is not going to be that difficult, it’s going to be somewhat easy..  WRONG!  I couldn’t be more mistaken!

I have found that it’s not easy to help create a resume and cover letter for a student who is in their first year of college and has never had a job before.   It is challenging to help a 1st year student in selecting a career path.  It’s difficult to encourage a student who after time and time again of submitting a resume, feels that the resume is ineffective. As a Career Coach I’ve experienced students whose momentum are low, feeling deeply discouraged and futures feel bleak.  I’m thinking to myself, what did I get myself into?  How will I learn to develop the expertise in this field so that I can both utilize my past experiences in HR and allow it to merge with my new position as a Career Coach.  It was apparent there were other things I needed to learn.

donnablogI participated in several workshops at the EACE conference which were informative and provided direction on best practices in the field. Attending the 2016 EACE Annual Conference was very stimulating.  My mind is still synthesizing with all that I absorbed in such a short period of time.  The EACE Conference was non-stop with workshop sessions, lectures, discussions, keynote speakers, activities and exhibits, which were very informative.  I got the chance to meet experienced and tenured people, with diverse backgrounds who came to learn and take on best practices just like me.

I am so thankful and grateful to be chosen to participate as the Diversity & Inclusion Ernie Andrews Scholarship Winner.  I truly do not believe I would have otherwise had this understanding had it not been for this scholarship and those who felt that I deserved it.   I can’t thank the committee enough as I was transformed, I am now inspired to push through my limits and take on the challenges that I face and network with others.  I also want to get involved as EACE has motivated me and has given me so much that I wish to give back therefore, I’ve signed up to participate Awards & Research Grants Committee.

donnablog2Moving forward, I’m hoping to develop relationships and networks in order to maximize what I have learned to service our student’s population and perhaps those in the profession.  Thank you again for helping me to transition and gain the knowledge and skills that I needed.

Donna Brooks

EACE – Ernie Andrews Scholarship Winner – 2016

Social Media: Surviving the Summer

The summer months aren’t the only thing that can bring on a drought. Career Center’s social media accounts can become stagnant during the months of June, July and August causing social media managers to scramble for gripping content to stay relevant. We’re all guilty of returning to the well of insignificant posts; the career articles from the Wall Street Journal, the random photo of the campus landscape and even “hey we’re are open all summer” update. Let’s face it, when the career center is fully functional, your marketing is driven by what is going on within the office whether is it large scale career events, guest speakers, workshops, etc; your hands are tied to help elevate each of those. Instead of seeing the summer as a disadvantage, I approached this as an opportunity to be creative and introduced Facebook Live to the Brandeis University Hiatt Career Center page.

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Time-worthy Training

As a premier conference, EACE gives its members a chance to tap into the wisdom of like-minded professionals. That’s what makes attending the EACE conference so inspiring. It fortifies attendees with innovative ways to successfully propel each student through his or her own, unique career planning journey. The EACE conference is produced by industry experts who are dedicated to helping career development professionals reach their full potential.

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Company Site Visits: A Great ROI

Every summer, the Eastern Association of Colleges and Employers (EACE) hosts the Professional Exchange Visit program. This program provides companies the opportunity to host a site visit open to the EACE membership. Organizations can build relationships with members to meet its needs, whether it be recruitment, brand awareness, or business development. Site visits generally consist of a company overview, tour, Q&A session, and an employee meet and greet.

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EACE Professional Exchange Visit: An Employer’s View

When Angelique Kim, the EACE’s Director of Recruitment approached me about hosting a Professional Exchange visit this summer, I immediately said yes and soon thereafter wondered what I had gotten myself into. As an optimist, it’s a usual pattern of mine to reflexively say yes to possibilities. Well, all of us at John Galt Staffing are so grateful to have opened our doors to the EACE, because we have found the possibilities to be endless.

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EACE 2016 Reflection from member Steve Savitsky

This year’s EACE conference was my second time in attendance and one that I felt such a strong connection to. I remember how welcoming everyone was to me as a newcomer in Pittsburgh in 2015, and was eager to pay it forward this year. As a member of the Entertainment Committee I encouraged newcomers to enjoy the conference. Here are some highlights.

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Congrats to the 2016 EACE Award Winners

In case you missed the May EACE Update we wanted to make sure you saw the exciting and innovative programs your fellow EACE members are up to. Join us in congratulating the 2016 EACE Award Winners. Make sure to register for the conference and attend the Awards Luncheon where the winners will be recognized and presented with a plaque. Until then a shout-out on your favorite social media platform using #EACE will suffice!

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The Importance of Visual Content in your Marketing Strategy (and how to get it!)

Technology is second nature to today’s college students; most students are more comfortable sending a text than making a phone call and check Facebook for news updates rather than reading a newspaper or watching evening news. According to recent studies, 45% of college-age students spend roughly four hours or more A DAY on mobile internet. As a result, it is important for career centers to have a strong presence online.

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The REAL Reason To Read the Student Newspaper

With each new institution, getting to know the student experience/voice has been crucial to my success. The Echols Scholars of the University of Virginia are my newest student population. Reading regularly the campus student newspapers is entertaining, enlightening and provides the inside scoop on campus trends and challenges. The student voice expressed through editorials, lifestyle columns, sports, cultural debates, political campaigns and humor can be a relevant signal to us as we seek to provide the very best service to our unique student body.

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The Four Steps of Developing Advisory Boards

Why have an advisory board? The book Start-Up CEO: A Field Guide to Scaling Up Your Business by Matt Blumberg, dedicates a part of the book on building and leading a board. Advisory boards can serve as your accountability partner and forcing function for quality. They can also help you see patterns and things you may have missed as well as engage in healthy discussions and debates.

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